Sponsor Organization:

  • For NAT-Test: Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Co., Ltd.
    “NAT-TEST” Administration Committee (Tokyo)
    Regional Office: The NAT-TEST Chinese Executive Office
    Administrations: ATA Co., Ltd. (Beijing)
  • For JLPT: In Japan: Japan Educational Exchanges and Services
    Outside of Japan: The Japan Foundation

Number of Times Held:

  • For NAT-Test: Six times per year
  • For JLPT: Twice per year

Exam Format:

Levels 1 and 2:
1) Language Knowledge (reading, vocabulary, grammar), Reading Comprehension [120 points]
2)Listening Comprehension [60 points]
Levels 3, 4, and 5;
1)Language Knowledge (reading, vocabulary) [60 points]
2)Language Knowledge (grammar) [60 points]
3)Listening Comprehension [60 points]

It is the same for both.

Number of Vocabulary:

  • For NAT-Test:
    Level 5: Approx. 1000 words
    Level 4: Approx. 2000 words
    Level 3: Approx. 4000 words
    Level 2: Approx. 6000 words
    Level 1: Approx. 10000 words


  • For JLPT: Not publicly disclosed by The Japan Foundation

Number of Kanji:

  • For NAT-Test:
    Level 5: 102 characters
    Level 4: 428 characters
    Level 3: 700 characters
    Level 2: 1338 characters
    Level 1: 1864 characters


  • For JLPT: Not publicly disclosed by The Japan Foundation

Hours of Study:

  • For NAT-Test:
    Level 5: 200 hours
    Level 4: 400 hours
    Level 3: 600 hours
    Level 2: 800 hours
    Level 1: 1000 hours


  • For JLPT: Not publicly disclosed by The Japan Foundation

Exam Pass Criteria:

  • For NAT-Test:
    1) Scoring more than 25% on each individual section and 2) Achieving an overall score that exceeds the passing score for the exam (typically around 60%).


  • For JLPT: The Japan Foundation announces the pass criteria for each specific exam.


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