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Study in Europe

Last Modified:    2019-07-12

The very last rank in this section is claimed by the United Kingdom: On average, students should expect costs of around 23,000 EUR per year. This amount is lower than in 2017: The British pound has shed some of its value in anticipation of the country leaving the European Union.

Not much has changed among the most affordable countries when compared to last year. Other than Poland, Germany is the only country of the overall top 10 to score high here – thanks to its virtually tuition-free public university system and moderate cost of living. France, another country with many free study options, and ranked 10th in 2017, barely missed the top 10 this year by a handful of euros.



Looking at the top 10 most affordable countries, the annual cost ranges from around 7,000 EUR in Poland to around 10,000 EUR in Latvia.

The affordability of a study option is a main consideration of most students, and very few are lucky enough to enjoy full scholarships. Therefore, cost is a highly relevant factor in our ranking, accounting for 30% of the total score. We take a combined look at the cost of living, including rent, and the average tuition fees.

Cost: Top 10

Our “Cost” assessment can only give rough guidance, as it works with averages on a national level, and there are significant outliers for individual cases. A year studying for an MBA in London will inevitably be much more expensive than, say, an Anthropology degree in Cardiff.

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