Learn through easy steps to apply a student visa of Denmark. This page guides you about main requirements you must fulfill in order to get a student visa of Denmark. Study in Denmark for International Students is always an attractive option. Denmark is one of the most popular international study locations in Europe thanks to its low study costs, high-quality English-taught degree courses and innovative teaching methods. The very good standard of living and diversified study subjects make Danish universities important contenders on the international higher education market.



  • Denmark is the best destination
  • The Happiest & safest country
  • High standard Life in Denmark
  • Dependent & PR VISA available
  • No Need Financial Documents
  • High VISA success rate till now
  • Part Time Work 20 hrs per week
  • Full Time Work during Vacation


To get into Danish university, you may have to fulfill certain requirements. Out of many, major are;

  • educational qualification certificates and transcripts (for example minimum level required, for some countries it is 13 years of schooling and for some with at least a year at university check here diploma recognition details),
  • work experience (optional)
  • CV (with you all personal details)
  • and application form (either online or through downloaded form).


There are certain English language requirements  to study English degree programs. These requirements you can cover up through IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge ESOL examinations (CAE). Currently to prove a satisfactory proficiency in these tests, following scores are asked to be present:

TOEFL: Generally some universities ask for English B – test scores in the ranges of 550-583 (paper-based), or 213-237 (computer-based test), or 79-93 (internet-based test) and some universities ask for higher level with English A – test scores in the ranges of 587-610 (paper-based), or 240-253 (computer-based test), or 94-101 (internet-based test)

IELTS: At general levels, English B – test score of at least 6.5 points and in some case if the university asks English A – test score of at least 7.0 points.


Education in Denmark for the nationals of European union but the other Non-EU international students will have to pay annual tuition fees for full-degree students this ranges from USD 8,000-21,000 / Euro 6,000-16,000 (DKK 45,000-120,000). Anyhow, all universities charge different fee level for different programs.


As an international student, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week. During June, July and August, you are allowed to work full-time. Please do remember in Denmark, at work places, Danish language is spoken and used. However, German and English are widely used as medium of communication. Knowledge of Danish does give you extra edge to get a part-time job easily.


It depends on you to manage your living cost yourself, however main living expenses monthly are as follows:


Approximately expenses of living cost monthly


Varies from 3000-5,000 DKK (utilities are usually included)

health insurance

Approximately 200 DKK

book and supplies

250-500 DKK

tv license

100 DKK

mobile phone

150 DKK (internet, around 250 DKK, may be included in your rent)


1,500-2,000 DKK


300 DKK

other expenses

1,000 DKK


There are certain dates and deadlines you will have to follow in order to get admission timely. So make sure to timely apply for admission. For undergraduate studies, the admission deadline is 15 March for courses starting in August or September. A few institutions have additional intakes in January or February. For those courses, the deadline is 1 September. The application forms are available from the institutions approximately two months prior to the deadline.

Documents Required:

  1. Student visa application form ST-1 (Comes from Denmark after payment of tuition fee).
  2. 2 sets of colored Photo copies of all your educational documents.
  3. 2 sets of Scan copy of all pages of passport (passport should be valid for at least 18 months from the date of visa application). (black & white is acceptable),including cover of passport)
  4. Admission letter from University.
  5. Payment acknowledgement receipt from the college.
  6. IELTS certificate (Mandatory for Denmark) in Most of the colleges.
  7. 6 passport size photographs with white background.
  8. Highest degree of the student should be legalized from the ministry of external affairs (MEA) and states.
  9. SOP & CV

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