General Information

  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Location: Europe, eastern Mediterranean
  • Language: Greek, Turkish, English
  • Official Currency: Euro
  • Population: 855,000 (including Turkish-occupied Cyprus) (UN estimate 2007)
  • Total Area: 9,251 sq km (3,572 sq miles)
  • Religion: Greek Orthodox, and Islam in the north
  • Climate: Sunny & Dry throughout the year. The sun shines for 340 days of the year April to November is called winter but very mild
  • Summer: May – October
  • Winter: November – March

Fast Facts

  • Member of European Union
  • Upcoming Schengen Country
  • In between Greece and Turkey
  • World’s healthier whether
  • Credit Transfer to USA, UK, Australia and more……
  • Further Study counseling services inside the college
  • Accepted to other college outside CYPRUS for more than 40 colleges around the globe

Why Study in Cyprus?

Academic Excellence and Innovation

  • High Quality Institutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Distinguished Academics
  • Multidisciplinary Accredited Degrees
  • English Taught Programmes of Study
  • Exciting Research opportunities

Major Intakes:





Entry Requirements Qualifications

  • Senior high school graduation certificates and mark sheets original
  • Medical report no more than 4 month before
  • Police report
  • bank statement
  • relationship certificate with sponsor
  • two passport size photographs
  • attested passport copy

Tuition Fees


Advance payment for 

Tuition fee

Visa Deposit






1Semester for undergraduate program




2 Semester undergraduate program (75%dis.on 2nd Sm)




1 Summer Program




1Summer Sm. free+2Sem Ud. Pro.(75%dis.on 3rd Sm)




1Semester MBA program(10%.disc.on paid advance)




2Semester MBA program(10%.disc.on paid advance)




Complete MBA program(10%.disc.on paid advance)





The official languages of the University of Cyprus and the Technical University of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish and overseas students who are candidates are required to have good knowledge of either of the two. Note that there are departments, like the English Studies Department in which the language of instruction is English.

International Recognition

The college is committed to providing you with experiences which extend beyond local and national boundaries and many opportunities are available for further studies. Strong worldwide links, international partnerships and agreements together with our college and universities makes us clearly international outlook. Our reputation colleges and universities offering high quality educations are recognized both national and internationally all around the world.

Final Qualifications

After successfully completing the studies required and depending on the institution and the length of studies the student may receive the following:

  • First Degree (Ptyhio) (four years of study)
  • Master's Degree (one to two years of study and a Ptyhio are required)
  • PhD (three years minimum and a Master's Degree are required)


Health Insurance

EU citizens can receive free outpatient or inpatient treatment in Cyprus with a European Health Insurance Card. However, this covers only essential treatment and not routine treatment.

Accommodation and Living


 Accommodation in private apartments( 8months)


Food (8 months)


Books and Stationery ( 8 months)



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